Minecraft Overtakes Modern Warfare 3 On Xbox LIVE

When was the last time you can remember a game that wasn’t some type of Modern Warfare/Call of Duty title sitting atop the Xbox LIVE activity charts? I’m guessing it might have been Halo 3 on launch. Maybe. And that was a long time ago. Before that it? I’m guessing Halo 2 dominated. Now? It looks like the Minecraft reign has begun!

Unbelievably (or perhaps not that unbelievably, considering the game is past 4 million sales) Minecraft is now sitting atop the Xbox LIVE activity charts, a testament to just how massively successful this game has become. Personally, I’m surprised. I wasn’t sure if a game as freeform and directionless as Minecraft could really penetrate the Xbox 360 audience, but it has. Massively.

Make no mistake: this is a pretty big deal. It’ll be interesting to see how Minecraft holds its ground against big releases this year like Black Ops 2 and Halo 4.

LIVE Activity for week of October 15 [Major Nelson]

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