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Queensland Rail Bans Games And Gaming Websites From Its Wi-Fi Service

Queensland Rail is currently trialing a system that allows users to access Wi-Fi on its trains, but it looks as though sites featuring games or game content are actively being blocked.

‘Games’ are currently being classified alongside ‘Criminal Activity’, ‘Hacking’, ‘Intolerance and hate’, ‘Personals and Dating’ and multiple others as content that cannot be viewed using Queensland Rail’s Wi-Fi service.

Speaking to a Queensland Rail representative, banning games is all part of an attempt to keep any content viewed on Wi-Fi “g-rated”.

“With content we have to make sure everything is g-rated,” explained the representative, “even websites like Facebook and Youtube can’t be viewed. Anything that we feel has a lot of unregulated content has to be removed.”

If this is the case, we asked how it was possible for Queensland Rail to allow any sites to be viewable using its Wi-Fi service. Almost every website on the planet features some amount of unregulated content.

“Information sites are allowed,” explained the spokesperson. “You can search with Google, and Wikipedia is okay, that’s some of the sites I’ve used.

Apparently games are no exception; Queensland Rail is actively blocking a number of sites. Most news sites for example, even reputable sites such as CNN can’t be viewed using its Wi-Fi.

There are currently no plans to remove these blocks.

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