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Retailers Prepare For The Introduction Of R18+

At time of writing, only ACT and NSW has passed its individual legislation for the introduction of an R18+ rating for video games in Australia, and NT and QLD has yet to actually introduce its legislation. But, regardless, the Classification Board has now begun working with local Australian retailers, putting training programs in place, to make sure that staff are prepared for the changes in law come January 2013.

In an update from the iGEA, CEO Ron Curry stated that JB HI-FI, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith Electronics, EB, Big W, Ebay Australia, Kmart and Target have already been involved in meetings with the Classification Board and had provided input into the new signage that will be placed around stores when the R18+ rating is brought into being. The remaining retailers have meetings schedule in the future to discuss similar issues.

In addition, Video Games Assessors are set to undergo new training through information sessions provided by the Classificatiob Branch in Sydney and in Melbourne.

According to Ron, it’s important that everyone has a good solid understanding of the new guidelines and how to apply them — including parents.

“From iGEA’s perspective” he wrote, “the successful inclusion of an adult classification involves the cooperation not just of Government and the games industry but also parents and retailers. iGEA is focused on providing practical information to help parents manage children’s access to appropriate levels of content in the home and we will continue to provide regular and relevant information such as blog posts, educational videos and research papers.”

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