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10 Reasons Why Gaming Is Actually Good For You

Sitting on the couch all day doing nothing but twiddling your thumbs. Planted at a desk, erratically moving a mouse and whacking on a keyboard. Neither activity screams “MARATHON RUNNER” or “CLOSET GENIUS”, but that doesn’t mean these seemingly stagnant scenarios aren’t doing you some good.

At least, that’s what the above video — presented in an extraordinary palatable 8-bit format — attempts to prove with beeps, boops and stats.

Going by the clip, gamers enjoy improved dexterity, intelligence and multi-tasking abilities and gaming itself has found applications in physiotherapy and other forms of assisted recovery. I saw “improved eyesight” in there too and that might be true for some, but the glasses stapled to my face suggest otherwise.

While I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the numbers presented in the clip, the sources are cited by publication in the bottom right and left corners — mostly from the US. That doesn’t mean they’re not applicable here, unless they’re putting something in the water over there.

Or should that be Mountain Dew?