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EA Sports Donates $500,000 Of Free In-Game Advertising To Movember

See, this is a great use of in-game advertising! EA Sports has agreed to give $500,000 worth of free in-game advertising to Movember, free of charge. Meaning that you’ll most like spot adverts for Movember in FIFA, Madden and NHL in-game over the next month.

You could be cynical about this, and say it’s purely a publicity stunt on EA’s part, but I really applaud EA Sports for this — especially considering the typical male audience that play sports games like FIFA, Madden and NHL. It’s a great fit, so props to the team at EA Sports for doing this.

For the uninitiated, Movember is that time of the year where folks grow moustaches in an attempt to raise awareness of men’s health issues. It’s a pretty good cause as far as I’m concerned. Here in Australia we have a massive group of local gamers banding together in an attempt to raise money. If you want to join or donate, head here.

Thanks Joystiq!

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