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iiNet To Host Australia's Only Black Ops II PC Servers

When it comes to Black Ops II, console gamers will always have the convenient excuse of… “urgh, latency/lag”, but PC gamers? Well thanks to iiNet, folks playing Black Ops II online will to invent other excuses for poor performance. As a result of a previously successful partnership with for the original Black Ops, iiNet is now set to host Australia’s only dedicated Black Ops II servers through the company’s gaming portal

As someone who has suffered through terrible connections whilst playing Halo 4 on Xbox 360 I’d like to officially state for the record that I am ‘jelly’.

“ and are hoping to grow our relationship even further in the future so that we can continue to provide a better gaming experience for all Australians,” said Heidi Angove, iiNet Group’s Content Manager.

As of yesterday iiNet customers have quota-free access to the servers.

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