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Kogan Attempts To Distance Its Portable Media Player From The PS Vita

After we first discovered Kogan was taking pre-orders on PS Vita clones at $49, we got in contact with Sony locally who immediately sent back this response: “We are currently looking into this. We can also confirm this is not official PlayStation product.” We also sent questions about the product directly to Kogan itself. We are still waiting for a response but in the meantime it seems as though Kogan is subtly attempting to distance its ‘Portable Video Game & Media Player’ from the PS Vita.

A new addition to the pre-order page now states: “Kogan is not affiliated with Sony in any way. This Portable Media Player (PMP) is not manufactured or authorised by Sony, and is different to any PMP that is manufactured or authorised by Sony.”

We have no idea whether legal pressure from Sony itself resulted in this addition or whether its a pre-emptive strike against any action Sony might take, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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