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Kotaku Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Handheld/Mobile Games

It’s that time of the year again. Where we nominate, debate, vote and then finally declare our Kotaku game of the year. Each day this week we’ll be taking nominations on different categories. First up — mobile and handheld games!

It’s a grey area, and putting handhelds and mobiles together isn’t the ideal solution, but we’re looking to drop one new category each day, and this has always seemed like the most efficient way to do things.

Okay, with that disclaimer out of the way let’s get to the nominations, I’ll drop a few of my own and leave the rest to you. Leave your nominations in the comments below and I’ll make sure and add them all to the list we finally vote on.

My nominations for mobile/handheld game of the year are…

— Ski Safari (iOS/Android)
— Ziggurat (iOS)
— Rayman Jungle Run (iOS/Android)
— Sound Shapes (PS Vita)

Now you!

Next week we’ll add every game nominated into a poll, and we can all vote for Kotaku Australia’s game of the year.

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