Metro Developer: The Wii U 'Has A Horrible, Slow CPU'

Reggie says that next generation begins now, but we’ve been getting mixed messages with regards to the potential of the Wii U. Some seem happy with what the Wii U is capable of while others are a little disappointed. Oles Shishkovtsov, CTO of 4A Games — the team behind Metro: First Light — belongs to the latter group. He says the Wii U has a ‘horrible, slow CPU’.

It was for those reasons that the team decided to skip porting its game to Nintendo’s new console.

His colleague Huw Beynon agreed.

“We had an early look at it,” he said, speaking to NowGamer, “we thought we could probably do it, but in terms of the impact we would make on the overall quality of the game – potentially to its detriment – we just figured it wasn’t worth pursuing at this time. It’s something we might return to. I really couldn’t make any promises, though.”

It seems as though the processing power of the Wii U isn’t something that can necessarily be easily quanitified — the GameCube tech was similar. Randy Pitchford, for example, from Gearbox, is insistent that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines will be the best looking version of the game. Others have been complimentary also, but it is worrying to hear some developers passing on the Wii U because of processing power when it’s a newly released piece of technology.

Wii U ‘Has A Horrible, Slow CPU’ Says Metro Last Light Dev [NowGamer]

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