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Off Topic: What Is The Best TV For Gaming?

Before I bought my Panasonic G10 roughly three years ago, I did a hefty amount of research. Is plasma better than LCD for games, response rates, contrast ratios, which had the deeper blacks, is burn-in still something to worry about. Back then I decided that the Panasonic G10 was the way to go and, for the most part, I’ve been extremely happy with that choice. Since then I’ve often thought about putting together a big TV buyer’s guide for gamers, but I feel like my knowledge is a little out of date. I thought I’d throw it out to you guys? Which TV is best for gaming?

I remain suspicious of LED/LCDs, mainly because of response rates and such like, but we have a fairly incredible high-end Bravia in the office that tickled my fancy.

What TVs do you guys and girls use for gaming, and what would you recommend?