Star Citizen Becomes The Largest Crowd Funded Game Of All Time

When Tim Schafer and Double Fine decided to crowd fund their video game on Kickstarter, the flood gates opened. The idea of large scale video games being funded by its potential audience became a reality. Obsidian’s Project Eternity was arguably the next ‘massive’ Kickstarter, raising over $4 million. Now it looks as though Star Citizen, the latest potential project from Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander, has just ticked over the $5 million mark.

On the Kickstarter page it states the game has only raised over $1.7 million, but that doesn’t take into account the massive amount of donations made on Chris Roberts’ site, currently sitting at $3.75 million. In total the amount raised stands at $5.14 million — almost triple the initial target of $2 million.

Massive numbers. The last stretch goal ($5 million) means that a tablet app to check up on things like inventory will now be made available.

Via Games.on.net

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