Steam Has 50 Million Users Compared To Origin's 30 Million

Earlier this month EA’s Peter Moore announced that Origin now had upwards of 30 million users — a big number no doubt, but one lacking in perspective. The only way these numbers tell us anything meaningful is in comparison to Steam’s numbers. Is Origin catching up rapidly, is it close? Well it turns out Origin is a little closer than I expected. At the London Games Conference SEGA’s John Clark revealed that Steam has 50 million users.

To be perfectly honest, I’m a little surprised. I had expected Steam to have at least double the amount of users of Origin. This is testament, perhaps not to the Origin service itself, but the ability of EA to drive the product using its own exclusive properties.

What’s perhaps more interesting is engagement. We’d really like to get a little more in-depth information about both services — how often do users buy products from Steam as opposed to Origin for example? How are they using each service?

Steam has 50 million users, up to 5 million playing concurrently [PCGamesN]

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