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The Skyrim Mod For People Who Wish Skyrim Was More Like Morrowind

Totally hate Skyrim and wish it was more like Morrowind? How about you just sort of think Skyrim was a little bit dumbed down? Either way, this is the mod for you!

Back in the day I really liked Morrowind and invested a fair amount of time into the game, but when Skyrim came out? I was pretty satisfied with how accessible it was. Other people were a little disappointed, hence the existence of this mod.

‘Requiem’ is described as an “oldschool roleplaying overhaul” and messes around with certain aspects of the game to make Skyrim “deeper and more believable”. Scaled leveling, rechargeable health, more difficult crafting, reworked magic — this mod basically makes everything a little more, perhaps ‘in-depth’ is the wrong word, but way less forgiving in almost all aspects of the game.

The goal is to make Skyrim feel more like earlier entries into The Elder Scrolls series, so if that sounds like something you’d like to try give it a bash!

Via Neogaf

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