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Western Australia Proceeds With R18+ Legislation, Makes Minimal Changes

With the R18+ rating poised to come into being in January 2013, it has been up to each state and territory to pass its own seperate legislation. Western Australia was one of the first to present its legislation, but worries from Liberal MP Nick Goiran that an R18+ rating would “introduce a level of violence that children and young people weren’t exposed to before” pushed the issue to a committee. We’ve now been informed that the committee has come back, making minimal changes to the legislation, meaning Western Australia’s R18+ legislation will most likely pass without any issues.

The committee’s changes have absolutely no impact on the rating itself, and mainly deal with the timing of the legislation and when it comes into being. The changes can be read here.

Once legislation has gone through a committee it generally manages to make it through unscathed from that point. Looks as though WA will get the legislation through in time, despite the early hitch.

Thanks again Choc

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