Check Out Double Fine's Playable Amnesia Fortnight Prototypes

Double Fine’s prototyping party Amnesia Fortnight has produced some fruit… and playable fruit at that. Contributors can now download prototypes for the following five ideas: White Birch, Autonomous, Starbase DF-9, Hack’n’Slash and Black Lake (pictured).

You’ll have to deposit some coin to get access to the playable prototypes and when you do, you’ll only be able to grab two of the five prototypes, according to this Reddit thread. There are some issues with Starbase DF-9, Autonomous and Hack’n’Slash and as a result they’ve been removed from download, though Humble Bundle is apparently working to put them back up as soon as possible.

Oh! If you like the moving pictures, here are the pitch videos for the prototypes:

Black Lake


Starbase DF-9


White Birch

The Amnesia Fortnight [Humble Bundle]

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