City Of Heroes Goes Out With A Roar And A Bang

Last night NCsoft shut down City of Heroes, a landmark game that eight years ago brought the thrills of super powers and comic book crime-fighting to an MMO role-playing world.

City of Heroes had an intensely dedicated community which fought to save the game when news of the closure was announced. When those efforts failed, they raised $US1,000 to give the Paragon Studios team a nice dinner out, a very classy gesture especially as that studio was being closed along with the game. (The community also started “Real World Hero”, which has raised more than $US4000 for charity.)

Here are some videos users captured of the game’s final moments, and some of the valedictory tweets sent as the game came to an end. The image above was sent by Richard Cobbett, a freelance writer in the U.K.

Most of the action was in Atlas Park, where heroes and villains held rallies. We begin with WayTooLateTV in the lair of an archvillain: “The final few minutes of City of Heroes, following @BigAngry as he has a gift for Lord Recluse.”