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EB Games Is Gearing Up For A Massive 24-Hour Online Sale, Starting Monday

This is currently what the EB Games Australia website looks like. No, it hasn’t been hacked by a boss-eyed cybernetic science cat and his silhouetted walrus companion, it’s an, uh, teaser for EB’s “Mad Monday” sale, a 24-hour online bonanza of gaming deals, a few of which you can find details for below.

To borrow an expression from comedian Tony Martin, the brain-snapping bargains will begin from 12:01am EST on Monday, so either plan to stay up or set your alarm for 10-30 minutes beforehand and prepare to rock up to work bleary-eyed later that day.

A post over at OzBargains shares the better deals from the email EB World members received:

Assassins Creed 3 $54
Need for Speed Most Wanted $58
Borderlands 2 $54
Skyrim $38

Wii U
Assassins Creed 3 $48
ZombiU $48
Scribblenauts $48
Just Dance 4 $37
Consoles and accessories
White 320gb Xbox 360, 5 games and headset $299

PS Vita WiFi $198

Preowned Wii $48

Turtlebeach XP500 $183
Turtlebeach PX5 Headset $158

3G Xoom 2 32GB $348

And here’s the email in its entirety if you’d like to look for specific titles or hardware.

ZombiU and Assassin’s Creed III for Wii U look like decent pick-ups, with the usually cheaper Ozgameshop listing the former for $67.99 (including delivery). Though the EB Games price does not include postage — as far as I know — so the prices could end up being a bit closer.

Mad Monday 2012 [EB Games, via OzBargains]

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