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Off Topic: What Do You Want For Christmas?

Do you know what I miss? Making a Christmas wish list. When I was a kid both me and my little brother would go through a catalogue, look at the toy and games section and make this massive list of stuff we wanted. I was the older brother, so I was a little more reserved, but my younger brother was mental. He’d just ask for everything. Imagine you can make a wishlist of stuff you want for Christmas. Drop it in the comments below!

Here’s my list…

— A Wii U
— A new gaming PC
— New rock climbing shoes
— New rock climbing trousers that make me look cool
— Stuff for my badass new BBQ

Actually — that’s pretty much it. Not much really. Well, I guess some of this stuff is expensive.

I hope my wife reads this and doesn’t buy me a nose hair trimmer like last year.

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