Steam Sales... Have Mercy

I’m starting to notice a pattern. Here’s what Steam sales do: they hand pick the games you kind of half want. The ones you didn’t really plan to buy day one. The ones you know you’d buy and never play. The ones some of your friends briefly mentioned enjoying but you never quite got round to playing. Those are the games that get discounted. Those are the ones you buy and never play. These are the sales that steal food from your family’s mouth. The sales currently going on at this precise minute only serve to confirm this.

Spec Ops: The Line is the perfect example. So many people have raved about this game. Not really my thing I thought to myself. But noooooo. It’s $10.17US on Steam, reduced by 66%. What am I supposed to do with this information!?

The Walking Dead — currently sitting at 50% off. Only $12.49US for the entire season. A lot of folks have played it, it’s starting to knock over a few Game of the Year awards. ‘Bugger it’, you think. ‘I’ll buy it and never play it!’

Hotline Miami — there’s another one. Only $4.99US. The two Rocksteady Batman games, 75% off. Arkham City is $7.49US.

See — a pattern. It’s the games you think you’re going to play that matter. Those are the ones that getcha. It’s a conspiracy. No doubt in my mind…

Yep. A lot of good sales currently going on at Steam. Check it out and go broke.

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