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Win! A Brand New 500GB PlayStation 3

When Sony launched it’s new PlayStation 3 slim thing a number of brand new PS3s winged their merry way to a bunch of media outlets. When ours arrived I was a bit confused. I have my own PS3, and we already had one sitting in the office. ‘What should I do with the new one,’ I asked myself. ‘Oh, I’ll give it away I said!’ Today is that day! Today I am giving away a brand new PS3.

This competition will be settled with the art of photography/photoshop. Remember the Nintendo 64 kid? I want you guys to replicate that moment in an image using a Sony console. If you don’t have one, feel free to clumsily photoshop one in! I don’t mind. Just get creative. Be as liberal with the them as you want!

Drop a link to the image in the comments below!

We’ll announce the winners next week! Good luck everyone — terms and conditions can be found here.

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