ZombieU's Marketing Team: Let's Make An Ad With A Half-Naked Woman

ZombiU’s got plenty going for it — it’s Demon Souls meets FPS, for one. That’s pretty great. You shoot zombies in it; people love that. Really, there’s no shortage of possible ways to sell this game.

But why sell it on sex, something that literally has nothing to do with the game itself? It’s a common advertising tactic, to be sure, but still — it being typical doesn’t make it OK. Like, even if you don’t care about gender in games or whatever, surely we can all agree that an ad that is unrepresentative of the game itself is bad.

Someone sees this and goes, hey, here’s a sexy zombie game! Except, err, that’s not what ZombiU is. Tsk, tsk.

[via Maxime Paka Marin, incidentally someone who has worked on ZombiU]

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