A Quick Question About The Xbox 'Experience'

This isn’t news, it isn’t even necessarily an editorial opinion piece, it’s more like a statement or a question: is anyone here starting to get increasingly annoyed with how long it takes an Xbox 360 to turn on?

Earlier this afternoon I posted the following on Twitter…

I initially thought it might be something to do with the fact that I’m still rocking an old model 360, or my cache needed clearing — I even reasoned that my close-to-full 20GB HDD might be the issue — but the flurry of replies from folks saying they had the precise same problem suggested otherwise. People with new 360s, people with Slims, people with all different types from different times — they all had similar issues. The Xbox 360, with the latest dashboard update, takes a pretty long time to load up and it’s starting to feel a little bit ridiculous.

One of the charms of console gaming over PC gaming is the instant accessibility of it. You’d plug in a cartridge, turn on the console, and within seconds you were playing. My Xbox 360 takes longer to start up than my laptop and, call me firnickity, but I think that’s a genuine issue.

Am I crazy? Does anyone here have similar issues? I tend to do most of my console gaming on my Xbox 360, but it’s getting to the stage where I’d rather use my PS3, as a direct result of how long the consoles take to get going.

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