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And The Number Two R18+ Game Is...

The Classification Board is wasting no time in doling out our exciting new R18+ rating. We’ll have to play the game to tell for sure, but if the gore involved in Spartacus Legends is all that qualifies for an R18+ rating, we can expect many more to come.

Spartacus Legends is based on the popular TV show, which, to be fair, was soft porn. Violence and sex were the two things on its agenda, and while it’s unlikely the latter of those two are a big part of the game, violence is pretty much a given.

It’s that type of violence that has routinely been classified as MA15+ in Australia, though, and the Classification Board may want to leave itself somewhere to go when presented with truly disturbing themes, instead of just exaggerated violence.

Set for download on XBLA and PSN, Legends will let you fight in the arena as well as managing your own Ludus, equiping and training your gladiators.

Spartacus Legends given R rating in Australia [Player Attack]

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