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Does It Annoy You When People Get Gaming References Wrong?

Sydney-siders (and probably elsewhere) will be seeing this lovely image on the sides of buses as renovation TV show The Block gears up to bring back some of their popular characters to face off. You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s another live-action Mario movie in the works. Not the Ron Jeremy variety, thank goodness.

I’ll go easy on these guys, because after watching Mark and Duncan’s video over on their homepage, it seems like the whole jumpsuit thing is not an intentional Mario reference. Just a couple guys who love their jumpsuits and happened to wear a green and red shirt on photo day. It even seems like they’re a lot closer in girth than the picture would suggest.

Perhaps it’s a childhood hero thing, or an overexposure to gaming thing (is there such a thing?), but when you line up two guys with black hair and moustaches, I will forever think the shorter, stockier one needs to be in the red shirt. Luigi is not the front-man. It just… Grr.

It got me thinking: We all have to struggle in that situation when someone misquotes a classic gaming line, or thinks the hero of Hyrule is, in fact, named “Zelda”. We try to be the bigger people, and not that know-it-all party guest that corrects everyone. But is there any particular reference or quote that you can’t have tainted in your presence?

Me? Every time I see that on the side of a bus, I will involuntarily cringe.

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