Guy Sets Out To Build The Entire World In Minecraft. Here's What Australia Looks Like

A player by the name of “Lentebriesje” has embarked on one of the most extravagant virtual construction projects to date — recreating Earth in Minecraft. He’s approached it one continent at a time and here’s his/her interpretation of our very own Australia.

Like a lot of players that have attempted similarly epic efforts, Lentebriesje isn’t building it by hand, rather he’s using a tool called Worldpainter and importing maps from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. There’s also the matter of scale — it’s a 1:1500 recreation, as a full-scale one would probably kill something.

With most of the data handled, it’s a matter of cleaning up the messy bits, with the end result visible at a closer perspective in the images below.

Here’s the forum post dedicated to the Australian section of the project, but you’re more than welcome to check out the global effort.

PS. And here’s a list of co-ordinates if you’re keen to see what your home city looks like (probably a lot more angular and barren than you remember).

Australia 1:1500 scale [Noxcrew via Planet Minecraft]

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