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Hey Classification Board, We Found 'Language' In The Walking Dead

Dear Australian Classification Board, we noticed yesterday that you rated The Walking Dead as MA15+, despite it carrying more disturbing themes than every game you’ve rated R18+ so far. Yet oddly, your classification report says the game has no foul language. Well, we think we found some.

Now, nobody’s pointing any fingers here, we’re just saying we thought it was odd.

Perhaps it was just a typo in your content management system, or just some human error that caused your website to think everyone in the game used phrases like “Aww, fudge”. Or maybe we’re just ignorant of exactly what constitutes as “language”. But we thought we’d do you a solid and dispatch our team of highly trained super-sleuths to solve the case. They were just browsing Facebook anyway.

After quite a long time of them being paid by the hour, they managed to find something. You might want to have a look at this video and see if you catch anything.

WARNING: This video contains SPOILERS and is NSFW if you use speakers.

If you want a hint, try straining your ears between 0:01 and 6:33. That’s when it kinda gets rough.

Thanks to @lukelawrie for the tip!

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