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Tell Us Dammit: What Small Things Make You Not Buy A Game?

We’ve all been there. Browsing in a JB Hi-Fi, or scrolling through the new releases on Steam, or maybe just listening to a friend talk about a new game. All of a sudden, you notice something you don’t like, and BAM. Blacklisted. There’s no way you’re buying it. What is that thing for you?

Perhaps it’s a comment the developer made, or maybe you want to take a stance against a feature like DRM. Or maybe it’s the lack of a feature, like dedicated servers. Or maybe the servers are in L.A., and you need low latency.

Maybe they didn’t include a jump button, and that’s just a no-go for you.

Or perhaps as people talk more and more about how females are portrayed in video games, you like to take a moral stance. Personally, I oppose violence against men. I like all my violence to be against disgendered mannequins.

Of course, these things could even be smaller. I’ve heard of people not buying a game because a character’s look isn’t to their liking, or the menu screen music is just too annoying. What little things are dealbreakers in your eyes?

No Deal photo from Shutterstock