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This Has The Best Skyrim Cosplay Ever

Alright, it’s turning out to be a bit of a Skyrim day today. Sorry folks, but this was just too excellent to pass up — a full set of Daedric armour you can wear to scare draugr, dragons, cats and babies.

Yes, we’ve seen Elder Scrolls-themed armour before, but this one takes the cake… and the souls of any poor adventurers foolish enough to stand in the wearer’s way. Put together by a fellow called Zerios88 (at least, that’s his handle on DeviantArt), I’m sure the guy never has to worry about what to throw on for fancy dress party ever again.

Doesn’t matter the theme, you’d be too amazed to care, really.

You can check out more photos at DeviantArt below.

Zerios88 — Gallery [DeviantArt, via Geekologie]

Images: Gianluca Bini and Lucca Comics

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