Watch 15 Years Of Pokémon Graphics Evolve, Slowly But Surely

The Pokémon games gradually become more lovely to look at year by year and system by system, at about the rate that mighty rivers turn into Grand Canyons.

But graphical improvements do occur!

Here are the six main Pokémon games. See how they’ve evolved…

1998: Pokémon Red/Blue on the Game Boy starts simple

Still via PokemonDungeonTV

2000: The Game Boy Colour gives Pokémon Gold/Silver gives the series… colour.

Still via Chuggaaconroy

2003: A major font-kerning upgrade appears in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, on the Game Boy Advance.

Still via JakeTheHappySnake

2007: The Nintendo DS, uh, barely improves things. Thanks for nothing, Pokémon Diamond/Pearl.

Still via PokeGuideHD

2011: That’s better, Nintendo DS! Pokémon Black/White have appreciably better graphics.

Still via PokemonJourneyHD

2013: Finally. With the help of the 3DS, Pokémon X/Y finally makes a Pokémon game look… modern. And spiffy!

Still via this morning’s debut trailer for the October 2013 Pokémon X/Y.

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