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Watch This Source Filmmaker Re-Creation Of Two YouTubers Losing It

Sonic The Hedgehog released in 2006 sure is a terrible game. The duo known as Game Grumps learned this the hard way, and broadcasted their experience playing the game for their audience about a month ago.

The original, which you can watch down below, is pretty funny on its own. But it also inspired possibly the silliest Source Filmmaker video (above) that I have seen so far.

Have you guys heard of Game Grumps? Have you heard of JonTron — known for raging against terrible games — and egoraptor — known for his cartoon videos — two YouTubers we’ve featured here on Kotaku before?

The two have come together to form Game Grumps, playing a lot of awful retro titles (among other games) for the amusement of their audiences. They’re great together.

But the re-enactment video above by thatscoutisaspy? That’s something just as special.

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