Yes, The Ouya Has No Problems Playing Super Mario 64, Sonic 4 And Street Fighter II

If the video of Roasty Rooster running on the Android-powered Ouya console got you excited in strange yet pleasant ways, then I can’t imagine what seeing Super Mario 64, Sonic 4 and Street Fighter II will do to your psyche. Good things, I hope.

Of course, Super Mario isn’t running natively, but on an emulator, but that only makes it more impressive, as emulation requires a decent amount of processing power, even for something as old as the Nintendo 64. Nothing a modern PC would have an issue with, but for a Rubik’s Cube-sized device with ultra-low-power components, it makes for great viewing.

While it’s yet to be seen how big a developer base will build around the Ouya, at least you’ll be able to use it as a super portable media centre and retro gaming device.

Sonic 4

Street Fighter II

OUYA gameplay videos start popping up [GameFans]

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