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Beware Of 11-Year-Old Hackers And Their Terrifying Team Fortress Malware

Now that I’m a fully grown adult I am now fully aware of one truth: children are terrifying. They have skills us adults can never comprehend. They are computer mega-wizards. The headlines are true. We can’t compete with their fertile, ever expanding brains. We are not safe.

A new report from AVG highlighted the terrifying trend of these children and their terrifying brains. Apparently one 11-year-old created a malware virus designed to steal your log-in details and personal information from Team Fortress. Won’t someone think of the adults!

You may not believe that an 11-year-old schoolboy or schoolgirl could design a Trojan horse that is able to steal the account login information of your favorite online game, but we see these cases on a daily basis

These childish Trojans have several common characteristics. First of all, most of them are written using .NET framework (Visual Basic, C#) which is easy to learn for beginners and is easy to deploy – you can download Microsoft Visual Studio Express edition for free and use it to start coding malware, or you can download pirated full versions of Borland Delphi for rapid (malware) application development

One 11 year-old unleashed these trojans in Team Fortress, claims the report.

One demonstration of this type of attack is where we detected malware written by an 11-year-old boy from Canada, who played Team Fortress with his friends and got his new iPhone a few days before…

These crazy kids — the most terrifying part is the motivation. There’s no real financial benefit here, they do it simply because they can.

What is the motivation for this behavior? Most probably these child script writers are not doing it for financial gain, but more likely for a thrill. Essentially, young geeks seek to outsmart their friends and win the games or show off their computer skills.

[Runs screaming]

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