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Here's How Screen Australia Is Planning To Divvy Up $30m For The Aussie Games Industry

Today Screen Australia released draft guidelines on it’s upcoming commitment of $30 million and how it plans to spend it. $20 million of this fund will be dedicated to games. After consultations throughout the country, Screen Australia has some idea of how it wants to distribute the cash but, before it does, it’s looking for some more feedback on draft guidelines just released. If you’re involved in the Australian games industry at any level, or plan to be at some point, it might be worth taking a look at those guidelines.

According to Screen Australia, the current plan for the fund is this…

$4–5 million through Games Production, supporting games developers to produce individual games.

$2–3 million through Games Enterprise, supporting games development businesses to develop and enhance their sustainability, as well as fund ongoing development of their games projects.

$2–3 million through Multi-platform Drama Production, supporting individual multi-platform drama projects including innovative broadcast and online projects; targeted funds will also support multi-platform extensions for appropriate Screen Australia-funded film and television projects.

Up to $2 million through Signature Documentary, expanded with an additional $500,000 to incorporate interactive and multi-platform projects as well as distinctive linear projects, supporting bold documentary storytelling for online and mobile platforms as well as big screen film festivals.

Approximately $400,000 for sector development and special initiatives.

You can download the guidelines in full here

Screen Australia reported that the initial consensus from the first round of consultations was a focus on supporting new intellectual property with a “clear creative vision and target market” along with the usual prerequisites of job creation and skill development.

Submissions on the above guidelines can be sent here but must be received before March 1. Screen Australia is hoping to finalise the above guidelines before March 11.

The guidelines also provide information on how to apply for the funds. The application deadlines are as follows…

– Signature Documentary (inc multi-platform production): 22 March
– Multi-platform Drama Production: 12 April
– Games Enterprise: 22 April
– Games Production: 12 July

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