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Off Topic: The Things You Hate

When I was growing up in the UK there was this cool show called ‘Room 101’. Celebrities would appear on the show and the idea was this: they could nominate five things that really annoyed them to send to ‘Room 101’, the idea being that the thing they nominated would be sent into oblivion forever. Basically it was a show about people discussing things that really irritated them. It could be anything: a band, a tv show, a ritual — anything. I want to know what you would send to Room 101…

Here’s an example: public toilet hand dryers that don’t actually dry your hands. JESUS. Why do these things even exist? I’m talking about the automatic ones that have no wind force or heat whatsoever, forcing you to leave the public toilet with totally wet hands that feel weird. THE BLURST.

Here’s another: people who don’t wait for everyone to get off the train before piling themselves on.

Here’s another: mosquitoes. WHAT DO THEY DO!

Okay, now you go!

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