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Off Topic: Those Movies You Watch Over And Over Again...

I used to think it was just something I did when I was a kid and, to an extent, it was. When I was younger I would watch the same movies over and over again: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Goonies, Back to the Future. Now as an adult I tend to do this less, but there are still a handful of movies I am happy to watch over and over again. I wonder, why is that?

Recently a movie I’ve watched three or four times is Prometheus. This is despite the fact I think it is a heavily flawed movie. I’m happy to watch this over and over again.

Another one is Up. I love that movie but I love a lot of movies — why watch that one over and over again?

So, here is my question: what movies do you folks tend to watch over and over again, and why do you think that is?