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The Most Obvious Thing About EA Needs To Be Said Anyway

EA’s “Fewer, Bigger, Better” strategy for its key packaged goods releases will not work if the games are, in fact, not “Better”. Analyst Michael Pachter lamented the oddly low quality and poor sales of Medal of Honor: Warfighter and praised the delay of Fuse.

(“Packaged goods” are games sold in stores, not the ever-growing number of ones EA’s selling just to phones are running on Facebook.)

EA does make some clunkers. But it’s not all bad. Not by a long shot. EA’s FIFA is considered top-shelf. NHL‘s a winner. Need for Speed: Most Wanted was amazing. Dead Space 3 (pictured above), Sim City, Dragon Age III and Battlefield 4 better be.

You can do it, EA! Right?

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