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BioShock Infinite's TV Commercial Is Strange

It may be the fact that there is absolutely no gameplay footage whatsoever, it may be the weird pacing of it — it doesn’t really lead to a climax, and ends strangely. It may be the fact that, as people engaged in gaming culture, we come to BioShock Infinite with a different set of expectations — but I can’t help but find the newest TV commercial for the game a little bit strange.

It’s almost as it’s caught in no-man’s land. It doesn’t really sell Infinite’s unique selling point: the fact that it’s set in the sky. It doesn’t really highlight the historical fiction aspect of the game and it doesn’t do a great job of showing the game. Probably because it doesn’t actually show the game at all.

I really don’t know what this ad is getting at if I’m being perfectly honest. It seems to be aiming at a broader audience, but it ends up removing everything that makes the game interesting. Or it tries to show too many things all at once and ends up showing nothing at all.

Why not focus exclusively on the history bending concept of the ‘tears’? Why not focus on Elizabeth? Why not focus on the religious aspect? Why not focus on the fact that you’re playing in a world in the sky! There is so much unique mystery about what Irrational is trying to do with BioShock Infinite, and I think that’s all completely lost here.

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