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He Helped Give The Australian Games Industry $20 Million, Now He May Become Deputy PM

You might remember Simon Crean as the Labor Arts Minister who announced that $20 Million in Federal funds would be given to the Australian games industry. Now you’ll most likely remember him as the Minister who called a leadership spill and subsequently got sacked by Julia Gillard. The man who represents a leading party in turmoil.

Because today Arts Minister Simon Crean threw his hat in the ring as Deputy Leader of the party, and called for a vote on who should lead the Labor Party in the upcoming election. He claims that he’ll be supporting Kevin Rudd.

“This is an issue that has to be resolved. There is too much at stake,” he said, as reported by the AFR.

“I’m doing this in the interests of the Labor Party and, in turn, the nation.”

Crean claims that, as deputy leader, he plans to retain his current portfolio, including the position of Arts Minister.

As Arts Minister Simon Crean got behind the Australian Games Industry, claiming that “Australian games studios are recognised internationally for their skill and originality in developing interactive games played all over the world“. He claimed the money was a “downpayment” on the future success of local industry.

A vote is being called today at 4.30pm and, meanwhile, Tony Abbot just called a no confidence motion in the PM and current government. There’s no guarantee that Simon Crean will become Deputy Prime Minister even if Kevin Rudd is installed as the new party leader.

At this moment there’s no guarantee of anything.

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