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Origin Is Currently Having A Huge Sale

The narrative surrounding EA at the moment is currently a pretty grim one. Customer dissatisfaction, its CEO stepping down, Sim City woes. So how do you change the tide? I suppose a sale is as good a place as any! Right guys, right?

As much as people like to rag on the Origin service — these prices are pretty good. Most of the big titles are on sale at the moment, including…

Battlefield 3 — $9.99
Dead Space 2 — $9.99
Dragon Age: Origins — $9.99
Mass Effect 3 — $29.99
Splinter Cell Conviction — $8.97

That’s just some of the games on sale. There’s a lot of good stuff here — including deals on new titles.

It’s easy to be cynical about this sale — and that’s totally your right. There will be some who just want nothing to do with Origin, but if you like cheap games this is a good option right now.

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