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Sim City In The Process Of Being Patched, Oceanic Server Already Done

Considering the multiple issues other regions have been struggling with on Sim City — game drop-outs, server queues — it’s only natural that Australians would be a little nervous about the launch here. EA had expected these issues to be fixed before the game’s launch in other regions, including Australia, but it’s still in the process of patching specific servers. The good news is that the Oceanic 1 server has already received the patch.

This means that, hopefully, Australians will have less issues with the game, but I’m keen to hear your experiences. EA is currently applying patches to all other servers globally, but you have to wonder if this will solve all of the problems consumers have been having with Sim City?

It’s been a complete disaster of a launch for this much anticipated game, and one that has frustrated gamers who simply want to play a single player game without the hassles of connecting. EA had to be aware that a game as popular as Sim City, as hyped and anticipated as it was, would require a serious amount of support.

If you’re going to make your game ‘always-on’, you have to make sure it ‘always works’. Teething problems, server difficulties aside, the consumer is owed this. Poor show.

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