Tell Us Dammit: Will The Next Generation Of Consoles Be The Last?

Well, seeing as the Wii U’s already been released, the PlayStation 4 is on its way and it’s just a matter of time before Microsoft’s new console is unveiled, the existence of a ‘next generation’ of consoles is a sure thing — but do you expect another cycle? Will the new generation of consoles be the last?

I’m in two minds, but I definitely believe that the new generation of console will be the last generation of consoles as we now know them. That almost sounds like a nonsense statement, but I suppose my point is this: the PS4, Wii U and (presumabley) the next Xbox will be machines that mostly play by the same rules at their predecessors. I don’t expect any other console released after to play by those same rules.

I have no idea what new consoles will look like, or what they’ll do, but they’ll have to evolve significantly or die.

What do you guys and girls think?