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Another Hollywood Director Wants To Make A Half-Life Movie

Fede Alvarez, the 35-year-old Uruguayan (and director of Panic Attack) who has been given the keys to the Evil Dead remake, has bigger ambitions than just reworking somebody else’s old movie. Speaking with Yahoo!, Alvarez says his dream project would be to make a Half-Life movie.

“I really want to make a ‘Half-Life’ movie at some point —- but I’d heard it was impossible because Spielberg wanted to make it”, he said. Maybe getting his Section 8 crew mixed up, since it’s that film’s director, JJ Abrams, that’s actually talking about making one.

“That’s definitely one that I’ve always dreamed of making into a movie though.”

Pity somebody else already is. Or at least says he is. We all know how most video game adaptations end up.

‘Evil Dead’ director Fede Alvarez talks childhood trauma, movie violence, crossover sequels, and video game movies [Yahoo]

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