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Bethesda Just Classified A New Unannounced Game Called 'Endless Summer'

We know absolutely next to nothing about this game at this point but the Classification Board has just outed another video game. Bethesda has just classified ‘Endless Summer’ — a game which is said to feature “strong horror themes and violence”. It has been classified at MA15+.

According to the the classification report Endless Summer features high impact violence, but no drug use — which was the issue that initially sunk another Bethesda title, Fallout 3. The report mentions very mild nudity and a mild impact when it comes to sexual themes — but this could mean anything at this stage. We literally know nothing about this game other than the fact that it will most likely be a horror game of some kind.

We’ve been in contact with Bethesda’s local representatives to ask precisely what Endless Summer is but we were informed that no-one would be available to comment at this stage.

It’s also worth nothing that publishers often publish games under codenames — which means that ‘Endless Summer’ may be something else entirely. In fact, if this game is a big deal, it most likely won’t be called Endless Summer!

Speculate away!

Via AusVGClassifications

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