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Community Review: BioShock Infinite

Well, I’m spending my long weekend camping. I’m not happy about this. It means that my opinions on BioShock Infinite are basically reworded from this preview piece! I spent roughly four hours with the game and that’s what I thought back then. Since I haven’t had a chance to play any further than that point, it’s difficult to have different thoughts…

The tl;dr version of those above thoughts is this: I felt as though BioShock Infinite is a little bogged down by its predecessor. The game, during the first four hours, constantly reminds you that it is a BioShock game — it alludes to the first game in the writing, the set-up, everything — and the comparison isn’t always flattering.

At times it feels a little derivative, but what I’m hoping — and partially expecting — is that BioShock Infinite will use these allusions to ultimately subvert my own expectations. I actually believe this will happen. But for now, four hours in, I feel like BioShock Infinite just can’t match the original for impact and quality. I hope to be surprised in the remainder of the game.

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