Imagine Nintendo Brought Its Terrible Stock Photographs To Life...

Or imagine you didn’t have to imagine. Imagine Nintendo made a series of terrible ads that looked like moving, living marionettes of those stock photographs used the original Wii’s marketing material. That would be terrifying, right? Hilarious? Maybe. Cringeworthy? Absolutely.

I fully understand the purpose of these new Nintendo ads for the Wii U. The console is clearly failing to get the same traction the original Wii had with families across the US. They don’t understand the distinction between the Wii and the Wii U. They don’t really understand the new GamePad and what it does. In short: they don’t really understand that it’s an entirely new console.

Clearly this is Nintendo’s attempt to send a direct message to the mainstream but I cannot handle the cringe! My poor, poor spine cannot handle the cringe!

It’s funny, but it also feels a little weird and desperate. Obviously we’re not the target audience for this kind of marketing material, but I have to question whether or not it’ll strike a chord with anyone. But, then again, I feel that way about all American advertising!

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