Nintendo's Reply To Lack Of Aussie 3DS Game Stock Is Predictably Uninformative

Vook’s Daniel Vuckovic recently queried Nintendo’s local office over a lack of stock for certain high-profile 3DS games, in particular Luigi’s Mansion 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. He’s since received a reply, but it’s not as information dense as one would have hoped.

Vuckovic first posted about the situation on April 24, after gathering information on stock levels via online store fronts and reader-submitted photos. Sufficed to say, it makes for sad reading, especially if you’re a gamer trying to get your hands on one of the aforementioned titles.

On April 26, Vooks heard back from Nintendo Australia regarding the issue and while it acknowledged the lack of stock, it didn’t really elaborate:

Due to the current demand for recently released Nintendo 3DS titles in Australia and New Zealand some retail stores may have limited stock.
We would like to apologise to any consumers who have been unable to purchase a physical copy of those titles titles [sic]. Nintendo Australia is working hard to replenish stores as soon as possible.

It’s better than no reply at all, sure, but one would assume Nintendo’s local office would have some idea of when stock levels might improve — I’m sure we’d all have appreciated even a rough timeline.

Have you spotted Luigi’s Mansion 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening or Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in the wild? Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge with your fellow readers!

Nintendo Australia comments on 3DS Game Stock Issues in Australia [Vooks]

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