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Rumour: Gran Turismo 6 Set For A 2013 Release?

Gran Turismo 5 took a bloody long time to hit shelves and, when it did, it was a relative disappointment. The series that had defined racing for over a decade sort of felt a little flabby. A little old fashioned. In the time it took Polyphony to create Gran Turismo 5, Turn 10 made three absolutely cracking racing games in the Forza franchise. Gran Turismo 5 was good, but probably not good enough.

But now, according to a couple of retail listings, it looks as though a new Gran Turismo might be set for releases sooner than you’d expect.

Online retailer Newegg has the game set for a November 28 release date, as does Italian retailer Multiplayer. This, of course, could be meaningless speculation — but it is interesting that both retailers from different regions have the precise same release date.

You might remember that some members of Polyphony were spotted taking pics of Bathurst for Gran Turismo 6, so the game was obviously in development, but I’m surprised that a 2013 release date is even being talked about at this stage.

Pleasantly surprised.

Via Eurogamer

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