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The Australian Who Said He'd Change Video Games, Is Working In The Geospatial Industry

You may remember Euclideon as the Australian company that claimed it could revolutionise video game visuals by replacing polygons with voxels. Back then Euclideon’s founder Bruce Dell told us that, in time, we would see the full potential of his Infinite Detail engine and what it can do.

But since then; silence. Bruce Dell surfaced now and then to retort claims he was a “snake oil salesman” but we’ve seen very little of his ‘unlimited detail’ since. But now Euclideon has uploaded its first YouTube video in over a year and it’s… a presentation to the Geospatial Industry?


It seems as though, for now, Euclideon is heading in a slightly different direction, creating ‘Geoverse’ a program designed to use its technology to change the way the Geospatial Industry. Apparently the industry has a problem with displaying the huge amount of detail being scanned by 3D laser scanning — we have the storage capabilities to record the data, but not the computational power to actually show the detail being recorded.

It’s an interesting tangent for the company to take — but happened to the promises of ‘Infinite Detail’ and what that technology meant for games? Apparently the team hasn’t abandoned games, but we’re hoping to get in touch with Bruce to get some sort of update on what’s happening there because, for now, it looks as though Euclideon is moving in a completely different direction.

Thanks Raphael!

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