Rumour: The PS4 Has Used Games DRM

TV host and industry pundit Geoof Keighley has said on tonight’s Bonus Round TV show that, according to his sources, Sony is looking at some form of digital rights management for the sale of used games.

It’s not the first time such a rumour has popped up; we told you the same thing over a year ago, and Sony’s vague, open-ended statements on the matter to date have done little to ease people’s fears.

Hearing it again, weeks after the PS4’s reveal, only adds to speculation the console will, like Microsoft’s Xbox One, seek to take a little control (and money) back from resellers like GameStop.

Our only hope? That the flood of negative reaction to Microsoft’s approach will convince Sony — who have yet to publicly announce their plans in this regard — to quietly walk away from the idea.

We checked in with Sony about this last week, and will update you if we hear anything more.

Bonus Round [GTTV]

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