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Tell Us Dammit: The State Of Handhelds

This is a weird one and it’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you all for a while. In this day and age, with tablets and mobile phones — is there a space in your life for handheld consoles?

For the longest time I thought ‘no’. On public transport I used my iPhone to listen to music, used my Nexus 7 to watch movies, and if I wanted to play games I generally just played whatever I had on one of those two devices. I was cynical about the PS Vita and (to a lesser extent) the 3DS. I thought the times of me playing games on the go, via actual game specific handheld devices, was all but over.

I was wrong.

I’ve been playing my 3DS non-stop recently. And I’ve been thinking a lot about bring my PS Vita out of retirement.

Why? Well the answer is relatively simple: it’s the games. As soon as games I wanted to play came out on the device, I wanted to play them. Also — with recent life changes (having a baby, mainly) I’ve found handhelds are perfect for the few moments of time I get to snatch for gaming.

Anyway, I was wondering if it was just me. Anyone else feeling a real resurgence in handheld gaming at the moment?

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